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June 27, 2019

Lowering your conservatory roofing costs

conservatory roofingWhether you are building a new conservatory or fixing your old one by focusing a bit of attention on the roof options, you may be able to lower some of your conservatory roofing expenses.

For both repairs and new build, it could be worthwhile looking into using poly carbonate panels to use instead of fully double glazed sealed sections for the roofing of your conservatory as there are a couple of features of Poly carbonate roofing that can significantly impact on the expense of the work.

First of all, Poly-carbonate panels are much cheaper that full glass sections, so right at the start there will be a cost saving that is easily identifiable.

Secondly, the panels are significantly lighter than glass meaning the structural strengthening requirements will not be as severe as that needed to support a standard double glazed roof. The financial impact of reducing the need for high levels of structural roof support translates into potential cost savings across the board.

There is also a ‘silent’ longer term potential cost saving, and that is related to maintenance or breakages because poly-carbonate panels are virtually shatterproof and they don’t crack or chip easily – reducing the worry & potential expense of having to replace an expensive glass panel in the event of an accidental breakage.

Whilst they may not be suited to every situation, for larger conservatory roof sections, there could be quite a saving on the overall conservatory installation cost and that is not to be dismissed lightly.

Replacing your conservatory?

If you have just moved into a property that needs some fixing-up or one that already has an old conservatory “past its’ sell by date”, then it is a good opportunity to look at the latest contender in the conservatory popularity stakes – the Loggia Conservatory.

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